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There are no limits to the number of leads you can contact, so you can start connecting with clients straight away.

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They can use the quick contact which is an email contact without them needing to log in. Or they can create a client account or if they already have a professional account can contact you from that. You’ll get an email but can also log in to your dashboard to manage your enquiries. 

We generally recommend one profile listing your various roles but you can have more than one profile if you work with different organisations, for example. Each profile must have a different email address to log in (a good reason to have one profile!) 

Yes you can list all of the roles you have within the dispute resolution sector or that work with people who are caught up in conflict such as counsellors. 

Yes you can pay in a lump sum if that is more convenient for your organisation. Just send an email to with your DRA account details i.e. organisation or professional accounts if you have them and the contact details for the invoice and how far in advance you’d like to pay e.g. up to the following financial year end and we’ll send you an invoice and payment details for your payment in advance.

Yes. Just send the details of your request to and we’ll confirm and can put your payments on hold. Your profile won’t be visible and you won’t be presented to potential clients while your subscription is suspended.

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