Pro-Bono Provider Database

Search our pro-bono provider directory for organisations and individuals who provide free services to eligible clients.

These clinics and organisations providing dispute resolution services to individuals and businesses for free. If you are eligible, they will provide support, information, and guidance as to your options. Our pro-bono providers are connected to the wider Dispute Resolution Agency and will help you find other professionals where needed too.

What is pro-bono?

Pro-bono means providing a service without charge. Such services are delivered by professionals who are qualified or are heading towards a qualification in their chosen field.

What can pro-bono support help me with?

Pro-bono services can help you when you are experiencing conflict or a dispute and need to understand your options to achieve resolution. Providers of pro-bono services offer a range of options such as advice and guidance, dispute resolution services including mediation, legal representation and advocacy, and conflict coaching.

What if I am not eligible for their support or they cannot help me?

The provider will talk you through your options and can make an internal referral to another member of the Dispute Resolution Agency. They will keep you informed and updated as to progress.

What does it cost to access pro-bono services?

The pro-bono services are free.

However, there may also be chargeable services that you can access. Your provider will confirm if any charges apply to help you resolve your matter.

For example

  • Mediation, an initial consultation or pre-mediation session may be free, but mediation may have a fee.
  • Legal Services, an initial legal advice session may be free but additional work may be paid work. 

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